Joyful BIRDING tours
We offer birding tours ranging from early birder enthusiasts to hard core bird watchers. Depending upon ones time and passion, we offer birding tours ranging from a week long “Exploring Bhutan birds” to as long as 20 days “East-West Bhutan is birding” trips. We also customize our birding trips as per our clients preferences too.
By virtue of being one of the ten biological hotspots in the world, Bhutan is home to many endangered and endemic biodiversity. On top of having rich flora and fauna, recently Bhutan is often referred to as the birding paradise in the Himalayas.

Since Bhutan is least explored birding destination, the bird species count continues to rise. Birding with our experience guides provides not only an opportunity to see rare and endemic birds of Bhutan, but also provides an opportunity to add to the new species list to the country’s bird record.
Bhutan bird diversity ranges from subtropical hornbills to the Himalayan monals and Satyr tragopans in the subalpine and alpine region, small body Tits and Barblers to large Himalayan griffons and Black-necked cranes and common water birds from Mergansers and cormorants to critically endangered White-bellied heron.

Our Birding tours:
1. Exploring Bhutan birds (7 days)
2. East-West Bhutan birding (ranging from 14 – 19 days)
3. Bhutan Hornbill tours (14 days)
4. White Bellied Heron tour (7- 10 days)
5. Himalayan Monal and Tragopan experience (13 days)