Food and Drink

Food is not at all a problem in Bhutan. Although traditional Bhutanese food is hot and spicy, as per the choice of the individuals, Chinese, Indian, and Continental fares are also served. The more adventurous can try hot Bhutanese dishes. For visitors on treks, we serve simple but nutritious and tasty dishes. Meals are normally served buffet style in the hotels. Your tour cost includes all meals, accomodation in tourist standard hotels.Your only extra expenses should be imported liquor, laundry, souvenirs and optional tips to the guide and driver.

Bhutanese food is generally good. Set meals for travelers tend to be on the bland side, because local food is heavily seasoned with red chilies and can be quite hot. Most hotels provide meals buffet-style. There are usually continental, Indian, Chinese and Bhutanese dishes. The food in hotels is often the best in town, but in main towns now there are few restaurants increasingly becoming popular. All tourist hotels have good selection of international and Bhutanese beverages.

Though natural water is fresh and fit for drinking, we suggest visitors to drink only bottled water. On treks, we provide boiled and filtered water. A reasonable variety of both hard and soft drinks are available in hotels, restaurants and shops in most towns. Many Bhutanese enjoy drinking traditional homemade alcoholic brews made from wheat, millet or rice.

Bhutan is the only country in the world to totally ban the import and sale of all tobacco products. You can bring in a reasonable amount of cigarettes for personal consumption, but you will be charged an import duty of 100%. Smoking is banned in all public places including restaurants and bars.